Joint Strategy Workshop

Date: 08.02.2024
We invite you to an online workshop “Dissemination and Consultation of the Joint Strategy Report” .


The workshop aims to unite project partners and key stakeholders involved in the Central Mountains project, fostering a meaningful opportunity for participation and the exchange of perspectives. This gathering is specifically designed to focus on the preparation of the “Joint Strategy Report for Community-led Sustainable Development of Mountain Areas in Central Europe.”


The event is structured to disseminate and showcase key findings from the report crafted by project partners. It aims to start a constructive and transparent dialogue with the stakeholder network, encouraging a critical examination of the report’s contents. Our goal is to gather valuable feedback, specific suggestions, and insights to effectively address the genuine needs and interests of all parties involved in the project, particularly focusing on the theme of participatory governance in the Alps, the Sudetes and Carpathians regions.


The workshop will be held online on the Zoom platform