Interreg conference: “Local challenges, international solutions”

In Person
Location: Poland
Date: 21.11.2023

We are thrilled to share that our esteemed partner, Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego “ARLEG” S.A., will be a prominent participant in the forthcoming Interreg conference, “Local Challenges, International Solutions.” This event, organised by the Ministry of Funds and Regional Policy in Katowice on November 21, 2023, provides an invaluable opportunity for stakeholders to explore and discuss vital aspects of regional development.


ARLEG will play a pivotal role in representing the 3P4SSE project during the conference. This engagement allows them to showcase the project’s innovative initiatives and share insights into the impactful work being done to address social and economic disparities in central Europe.


The conference serves as a pivotal platform for promoting international cooperation’s benefits among various stakeholders, including Polish regions, cities, smaller municipalities, NGOs, universities, and entrepreneurs. As proud beneficiaries of INTERREG Central Europe projects, we are eager to share our experiences and highlight the tangible impacts of our initiatives.

As we prepare to attend the Interreg conference, we invite you to stay tuned for live updates. Follow our journey as we contribute to positive change in our communities and strive for a more inclusive and prosperous future.