From Municipal Waste to Energy Self-Sufficiency and Carbon Neutrality – Educational Seminar

In Person
Location: Kosice, Slovakia
Date: 27.02.2024

The educational seminar aimed to introduce smaller municipalities to the challenges and opportunities in achieving circularity, particularly in communal waste management and energy. The event fostered dialogue among municipal leaders, encouraging discussions on sustainable growth and the integration of green initiatives.


The seminar successfully attracted over 9 city officials who expressed keen interest in participating in educational excursions focused on digitalization and green opportunities for municipalities. These excursions are designed to showcase practical examples and successful implementations of sustainable practices.

Decisions and Follow-Up Actions

The event led to significant commitments from municipal leaders. Approximately 6 city officials, including mayors, have committed to attending a stakeholder meeting on 23rd April. This meeting will delve into policy discussions and explore potential projects for digitalizing communal waste collection and enhancing collaboration on sustainability initiatives.

Additionally, representatives will attend a project partner meeting in Mechelen under the CITISYSTEM project. This meeting aims to exchange best practices and learn from other cities’ experiences in circular economy and digital platforms, furthering the goal of achieving energy self-sufficiency and carbon neutrality.