2nd Regional stakeholder ecosystem engagement meeting in Poland

In Person
Location: Dobczyce, Poland
Date: 22.03.2024
On March 22, 2024, KPT held its second regional town hall in Dobczyce, organized as an interactive workshop aimed at entrepreneurs, particularly those interested in green and digital transformation. The workshop focused on resource optimization management (ROM), energy efficiency, and other related areas. Over 10 manufacturing companies attended, each represented by 2-3 employees familiar with their company’s green and digital transformation challenges.

The workshop’s primary objective was to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge needed to map and prioritize technological and business challenges. This preparation was essential for seeking innovative solutions from external suppliers, particularly startups.


  1. Interactive Engagement: The workshop was designed to maximize the potential of participants through interactive sessions. Each company had its own table, allowing for focused discussions on their specific needs and challenges. The use of dedicated canvases facilitated the concretization of ideas and strategies, while tools supported both individual work and collective discussions.
  2. Expert Insights: Regular introductions by experts provided valuable knowledge and tips, inspiring the development of innovative ideas. These sessions enriched the creative process and enhanced the quality of the outcomes developed by the companies.
  3. Collaborative Atmosphere: The workshop featured sessions of individual company work interspersed with discussion forums. This setup allowed for continuous exchange of thoughts and insights among participants, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that strengthened the overall outcomes.

The workshop effectively addressed technological and business challenges, leading to opportunities for collaboration with technology providers, especially startups. Each participating company developed:

  • A list of four challenges forming the basis of their green/digital transformation.
  • A shortlist of startups that could serve as potential providers of digital/green solutions to address these challenges.

KPT’s second regional town hall in Dobczyce was a resounding success, fostering interactive and collaborative discussions that addressed key technological and business challenges. By bringing together manufacturing companies and potential technology providers, the event paved the way for future innovations in green and digital transformation.