2nd Regional stakeholder ecosystem engagement meeting by COMET Scrl in Italy

Location: Pordenone, Italy
Date: 03.06.2024

On June 3, 2024, Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico “Andrea Galvani” hosted a pivotal hybrid meeting.

Minimo Comune Denominatore: A Round Table for Confronting Future Challenges in Plastic and Molding Sector

In a groundbreaking initiative, 20 local companies, including competitors, convened to explore a new paradigm of collaboration in plastic and rubber molding. Were they mere competitors, or could they ignite innovation through scalable pilot projects and unprecedented openness?

The event commenced with introspective questions:

  • What were the daily operational hurdles faced?
  • How did current challenges and trends impact their enterprises?
  • Could industry giants and potential competitors unite to address shared concerns?

This second town hall sought feedback on initial joint pilot projects under the SMART CIRCUIT framework. Their goal: to establish a durable consortium of 20 specialized companies in mold construction, pooling challenges, needs, and opportunities.

Participants introduced themselves, shared expectations, and aligned on collective challenges, needs, and collaboration opportunities. Notably, COMET proposed a pioneering pilot project, “Pilot in the Factory,” emphasizing digital-driven circularity and eco-design.


Looking ahead, their September meeting post-Summer break promised concrete action. COMET would present tailored project proposals, crafted from their invaluable feedback. These initiatives aimed to tackle sectoral challenges head-on, fostering scalable solutions in the SMART CIRCUIT framework.