1st Regional stakeholder ecosystem engagement meeting in Croatia

In Person
Location: Varaždin, Croatia
Date: 19.03.2024
The HGK Varaždin hosted a transformative event on March 19th, 2024, centered around the integration of digital learning pathways with the principles of circular economy. Aimed at professionals in mechanical engineering, automation, robotics, and construction, the event showcased the potential of the Ariadna platform in revolutionizing educational tools tailored to these domains.

The primary objective of the event was twofold: to explore innovative methods and tools for developing digital materials and learning paths via the Ariadna platform, and to integrate principles of circular economy into these resources. Participants delved into practical approaches and the CIA curriculum (Circular Intelligence Automation) as a means to meet the evolving demands of the digital age while ensuring sustainability.

Throughout the event, discussions revolved around the foundational principles of circular economy and their critical role in shaping digital learning paths. Attendees gained valuable insights into how these principles can drive positive change and promote sustainability within educational frameworks focused on automation and construction. Practical tools and actionable models were highlighted, equipping participants with the knowledge to implement these principles effectively.

The collaboration fostered at HGK Varaždin not only emphasized theoretical understanding but also practical application. By aligning digital learning strategies with circular economy principles, professionals can actively contribute to sustainable development goals while advancing their expertise in these critical industries.

As a conclusion, the event underscored the necessity of integrating circular economy principles into educational frameworks. This alignment not only prepares professionals for the challenges of the digital era but also ensures that advancements in automation, robotics, and construction are sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Looking ahead, the decisions made during the event point towards continued engagement and collaboration. A follow-up meeting and Town Hall scheduled for May 2024 will provide a platform for further discussions and action planning. This ongoing dialogue aims to refine strategies, implement best practices, and solidify the integration of circular economy principles across digital learning pathways.