Information about volunteer position

Jobs: We are looking for a volunteer

Date: 05.03.2024

Join us in Vienna for a unique international experience in cooperation. We are looking for an Interreg Volunteer to help us to spread the word about our programme and project achievements. The position is available for six months, starting in June.

The volunteer will mainly support us with:

  • Preparing social media posts (in various content formats) with Canva and other tools;
  • Implementing the consultation process on the future of Cohesion policy and Interreg (support organising focus groups, following their discussions and synthesise the results);
  • Monitoring and updating contents on the programme website (incl. project microsites);
  • Drafting newsletters and direct mailings;
  • Organisation of programme events and meetings;
  • Management of the network of national contact points;
  • Planning communication objectives and activities for 2025.

The “Interreg Volunteer Youth” (IVY) initiative represents a unique opportunity for young people who want to have an impact on the world we live in, by supporting solidarity actions through cooperation.

Along with local actors, IVY volunteers tackle the challenges that Europe and its neighbouring regions are facing, helping to find and implement common solutions.

Interreg Volunteer Youth is an initiative of the European Commission.