How water behaves when infiltrating soil – water infiltration tests have started

Date: 22.09.2023

Researchers and engineers representing our partners from Slovenia recently began conducting infiltration tests in Ljubljana’s three landscape parks – Tivoli, Rožnik and Šiška hill. The tests, which started in September 2023, aim to provide a better understanding of how water behaves when infiltrating soil, rock and other materials under different conditions.

The tests will estimate the percolation capacity of the soil and evaluate the response of infiltration facilities to incoming rainwater.

The testing project involves many partners, including local experts and firefighters from Ljubljana who are providing adequate water supplies for the infiltration tests. These tests are expected to inform future infrastructure and landscaping decisions that aim to mitigate flooding and protect water sources.

Overall, the infiltration tests are an essential step towards understanding the behaviour of water resources in cities and developing comprehensive plans for sustainable development.