VReduMED Mapping: A solid foundation for the project

Date: 22.11.2023
By: VReduMED
First activity within the VReduMed project was devoted to mapping. The goal was to describe status quo about relevant competences of research institutions and in the company sector as well as the existing VR infrastructure in the project region. We base our experience of preceding project VReduNet. We used previous results of mapping and supplemented them with additional inputs from all partners regions.

This mapping activity is crucial from the perspective of the project, because thanks to it we have identified most important stakeholders, which are potential partners, and regions where are concentrated activities related to virtual reality and health care sector. In this activity we collected over 200 records.

The web map application ArcGIS Dashboard was chosen for visualization and as the main output of the activity, which clearly shows the geographical distribution and structure of organizations and bring more insights onto data we collected.