Unlocking Sustainable Excellence: Explore the Circular Innovation Academy

Date: 25.01.2024
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Circular Innovation Academy (CIA) is your guide to mastering circular economy practices, and fostering future leaders with the skills needed to transform industries for a sustainable tomorrow.


The primary objective of CIA is to revolutionize education by fostering a deep understanding of circular economy principles. By seamlessly integrating digital innovation, industry-specific modules, and hands-on experiences, CIA aims to produce professionals who will drive the circular economy forward.


Fundamentals of digitally-driven circular economy: Participants will gain essential insights into the intersection of digital innovation and sustainability, understanding how technology can drive circular practices across various industries. Covering key concepts such as digital tools, IoT, and technologies, this module provides a solid foundation for participants to navigate the evolving landscape of circular economy practices in the digital age. Engage with cutting-edge ideas, successful case studies, and fundamental principles that underscore the symbiotic relationship between digital advancements and circular economic strategies.

The circular value chain in manufacturing: Participants will delve into the intricacies of creating a circular value chain, emphasizing sustainable resource management, product life extension, and waste reduction. Through real-world case studies and practical insights, this module equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to transform traditional manufacturing processes into circular and eco-friendly practices. Explore innovative strategies for minimizing environmental impact and maximizing the economic benefits of a circular approach within the manufacturing industry.

Digital tools, IOT & technologies for circularity:  Explore the intersection of digital tools, the Internet of Things (IoT), and various technologies in the context of circular economy principles. Gain insights into how these tools can optimize resource management, enhance sustainability, and drive innovation across industries. From leveraging IoT for real-time monitoring to understanding the role of digital tools in circularity, participants will be equipped to navigate the digital landscape and contribute to the evolution of a more circular and sustainable future.

Focus on construction, electronics, and textiles: Tailored for industry-specific insights, these modules deep-dive into the unique challenges and opportunities in construction, electronics, and textiles.

Transversal tools for digitally-driven circularity: This module delves into the versatile tools and strategies that bridge various aspects of digital technology and circular practices. Participants will explore how these transversal tools play a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of a digitally-driven circular economy, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the synergies between technology and sustainability.

Learning by doing: This hands-on experience immerses participants in practical applications of circular economy principles, fostering a dynamic learning environment. Through real-world projects and interactive exercises, individuals gain a deep understanding of how to implement sustainability practices, making a tangible impact on the path to a circular future.


Circular Innovation Academy’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to address the evolving demands of a circular economy. By tackling industry-specific challenges and providing a transversal skill set, CIA ensures participants are at the forefront of sustainable innovation. The program’s focus on digital tools and global perspectives reflects the interconnected nature of today’s circular practices.



  • Holistic skill development: CIA offers a comprehensive education, combining theoretical knowledge with practical experiences. Participants develop a versatile skill set that spans digital literacy, industry-specific expertise, and global perspectives.
  • Industry-relevant insights: With modules tailored for construction, electronics, textiles, and more, CIA ensures participants gain insights directly applicable to their chosen fields. This industry-specific focus enhances the program’s relevance.
  • Global networking opportunities: The transnational mobility mission opens doors to global networking and collaboration. Participants engage with diverse perspectives, contributing to a rich learning experience.
  • Real-world application:The emphasis on learning by doing, case studies, and vlogging ensures that participants can translate their knowledge into practical solutions.


Get ready to be part of the Circular Innovation Academy! Stay tuned for more information about availability, coming soon!