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Uniting our efforts: collaboration for a better future for urban water management

Date: 05.03.2024

One of the core outputs of MAURICE project is the development of a strategy that considers the impacts of climate change on urban water management. To ensure a well-rounded and inclusive approach, the strategy is being developed in collaboration with Regional Implementation Groups. These groups consist of local and regional institutions actively engaged in water management.

In February, together with Jaworzno City, we had the opportunity to work on a questionnaire designed to gather insights and understand the needs of representatives from the Regional Implementation Groups. This hands-on interaction allowed us to gain valuable input from those closest to the challenges of water management in urban areas.

Once implemented, the MAURICE project will assess the consequences of effective water management based on climatological models and forecasts at the local scale. By leveraging this data, we can determine the potential effects on urban and spatial development plans. This assessment will identify key threats, significant indicators, and related thresholds, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making.

By sharing knowledge, expertise, and experiences, we can collectively work towards developing sustainable solutions for urban water management in the face of climate change.