Szombathely 2030

Date: 28.03.2024
The Szombathely2030 program, a pioneering initiative from Hungary’s Vas county and the city of Szombathely, presents a compelling vision for enhancing life quality, boosting competitiveness, and fostering a quality environment for both residents and businesses through 2021-2030. Spearheaded by Szombathely City with County Rights and Pannon Business Network, this program encompasses a wide range of measures including industrial digitalization, healthcare industry development, and green intelligent city solutions, all aimed at promoting industrial change and sustainability. Notably, it focuses on the automation, robotization, and artificial intelligence sectors to support the automotive industry’s transformation and encourages the healthcare industry with a unique emphasis on complex rehabilitation. Moreover, the program prioritizes circular economy efforts with initiatives like green energy applications and zero waste manufacturing. Funded through a combination of domestic and international programs, Szombathely2030 seeks to create a diversified production structure and a knowledge-based economy, providing a liveable, sustainable environment for its residents. This holistic approach marks it as a best practice in fostering innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation, setting a robust example for other regions to follow.

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