Successful meeting with lots of added value in Varazdin

Date: 08.03.2024
The three-day project meeting was held in Varazdin, Croatia, and brought together all partners involved in the PopUpUrbanSpaces project. The meeting aimed to discuss and advance various aspects of the project, including capacity building, action planning, and communication strategies.   On the first day, participants engaged in a series of training sessions focused on topics such as tactical urbanism, placemaking, and digital campaigning. Experts in these fields provided valuable insights and guidance to help partners better understand the concepts and develop effective strategies for their implementation.   The second day featured interactive workshops where partners worked together to design action plans for pilot projects in their respective cities. These workshops were instrumental in shaping the direction of the project and ensuring that each pilot project was carefully planned and executed. A significant milestone was reached as partners’ delegates successfully passed their examinations, earning them the title of Certified PopUp Mobility Ambassadors, empowering them to support the efforts of cities in implementing sustainable urban mobility   Finally, on the third day, project leaders presented updates on the progress of each work package, highlighting key achievements and outlining next steps. Important decisions were made regarding the implementation of pilot projects, and partners left the meeting with clear action items to focus on in the coming months.   During the meeting, partners also engaged in street-level tasks, visiting key transportation nodes in the city to brainstorm potential transformation opportunities using pop-up methods.   Overall, the three-day project meeting was highly productive and provided valuable opportunities for collaboration, learning, and planning as the project moves forward.