Society of Ideas (Gesellschaft der Ideen)

Date: 18.03.2024
Launched by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the Society of Ideas contest is an innovative approach to tackling societal issues through the support of new and unconventional ideas, specifically aimed at SMEs, start-ups, individuals, academia, and research. Beginning its first phase in 2020, with actual funded projects kicking off in late 2023, this contest focuses on leveraging digital technologies to address challenges in areas such as elderly care and medical care. Offering funding up to €250,000 for the development and implementation of services or products, the contest encourages the submission of ideas that can provide additional impulses to improve social interaction, inclusion, and sustainability. This initiative stands out for its broad appeal, attracting over 1,000 submissions in its first round, highlighting its commitment to fostering innovation and addressing underrepresented societal issues.

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