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Social solidarity economy in Trentino

Date: 04.10.2023
Since 2010, the province of Trento has promoted – the first in Italy – a law (l.p. 13 of 2010) which recognizes the role and promotes the development of the solidarity economy. 13 economic sectors have been identified in which the Solidarity Economy Actors (also called AES) operate and as many regulations to adhere to and adhere to in order to benefit from the promotion and incentive actions.

Organic agriculture, electric mobility or car sharing and the reuse of materials help to contain pollution from which we all benefit. Solidarity purchasing groups (GAS) allow wholesale prices to be “revealed”, and we all benefit from this too; as well as the possibility of using software codes not covered by copyright or the possibility of access to credit even for companies operating in low-profit sectors (ethical finance). Promoting employment opportunities for vulnerable people allows, in addition to the obvious psycho-social benefits, to contain the cost of subsidies and pensions.

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