SMERF Webinars

Date: 29.04.2024
In the fast-paced world of business, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage, it’s a necessity. This is especially true for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that face unique challenges and opportunities in the digital era. Recognizing this, the SMERF project has embarked on a mission to support the transformation of SMEs into more innovative, sustainable, and digitally adept entities. A pivotal step in this journey is the organization of four cross-regional webinars, a cornerstone activity designed to engage, inform, and inspire stakeholders involved in the SME transformation.  


Empowering Through Knowledge  


The SMERF webinars are not just events- they are catalysts for change. Aimed at Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Innomediaries, and other entities supporting SMEs, these webinars seek to create a vibrant ecosystem of knowledge and innovation. By focusing on four key pillars—Innovation Culture, Digital Manufacturing, Open Innovation 2.0 & Sharing Economy, and Green & Circular Economy & Sustainability—SMERF aims to cover the broad spectrum of challenges and opportunities SMEs face today.  

Each webinar is planned in detail to not only present the insights and tools developed through the SMERF project but also to facilitate an interactive dialogue with the participants. The goal is to foster an environment where SMEs can not only survive but thrive in the future.  


A Structured Approach to Engagement  


Understanding the significance of structured learning and engagement, each webinar is designed around a specific theme corresponding to one of the SMERF pillars. This focused approach ensures that stakeholders can dive deep into topics most relevant to their interests and needs. The structure of the webinars includes:  

  • Introduction to the SMERF Project: Setting the stage for what follows, this segment aims to build a common understanding of the project’s goals, methodology, and the potential impact on SMEs.  

  • Pillar-Specific Presentations: Led by pillar leaders, these presentations delve into the challenges, features, and transformation goals associated with each pillar.  

  • Inspirational Talks: Featuring experts and thought leaders, these sessions are designed to spark ideas and showcase real-world applications of the principles discussed.  

  • Showcasing Success: Through success stories and case studies, participants will see the tangible impact of adopting innovative practices.  

  • Interactive Sessions: Utilizing tools like “Kahoot”, these sessions aim to engage the audience actively, gather insights, and facilitate a two-way exchange of ideas.  


A Call to Action 


As we prepare for these webinars scheduled for May and June 2024, we extend an open invitation to HEIs, Innomediaries, and all entities passionate about SME transformation to join us. These webinars represent a unique opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends, tools, and strategies for fostering innovation and sustainability within SMEs. Moreover, they offer a platform for collaborative learning and networking with peers and experts from various fields. Our goal is to make these webinars as accessible and impactful as possible for all stakeholders involved. 


Looking Ahead  


The SMERF webinars are just the beginning. The feedback and insights gathered will directly contribute to refining the SMERF Diagnosis Tool and Inspiration Knowledge Base, ensuring they remain relevant and valuable resources for SMEs navigating their transformation journeys. We believe that by working together, we can unlock the full potential of SMEs, making them not just participants but leaders in the digital and sustainable economy of the future.  

Join us as we embark on this exciting journey towards transforming SMEs for a brighter, more innovative future. Together, we can create a legacy of growth, sustainability, and success.