Programme countries put new call for peripheral and lagging areas on track

Date: 13.06.2024
By: Programme

On 12 June 2024, the Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE monitoring committee decided to launch a third call for project proposals in October 2024. In their meeting in Ljubljana, the programme countries agreed on key elements of the new call including cornerstones of a revised assessment methodology.

The aim of the call will be to pioneer solutions for peripheral and lagging areas through small-scale projects. In order to facilitate the development of relevant ideas and the composition of these new projects, the committee also decided to publish a preview of the call on 20 June 2024 on our website. This preview will be complemented by a series of transnational and national applicant support measures.

Following an update on other programme developments, including the launch of a preparatory study for a coordinated capitalisation call in 2025, the committee members exchanged with the European Commission on the future of Interreg beyond 2027. To this end, the committee was also informed about the preliminary results of a survey among programme stakeholders, which will feed into the Europe-wide consultation effort of the European Commission to shape the future of Interreg.

The next in-person meeting of the monitoring committee will take place in Brussels on 27 November 2024.