Partnership visits 2TDP construction site

Date: 17.04.2024
The second track from Divača to Koper, abbreviated 2TDK, is the largest rail infrastructure investment in Slovenia since decades and it will soon double the rail freight transportation capacities between the port of Koper and Central European regions. Scheduled to open late in 2025, the new track of a length of 37 kilometers will allow to increase the number of trains passing through this crucial bottleneck from currently 90 trains/day to 212 trains. The new track will be used for both passenger and freight trains. While 12.7 millions tons of cargo can be transported today, the capacity will increase to 36.9 millions tons once the new track is opened.

Coordinated with a partner workshop hosted by Promentni institut in Ljubljana, the consortium visited several of the construction sites to learn fast hand about the rail planning and building efforts. About three fourth of the new track consists of tunnels and bridges, making the construction particularly challenging. 2TDK is co-financed by the European Union.