Online World Café Training & Simulation with ALDA+

Date: 15.04.2024
By: 3P4SSE

On April 15th, ALDA+ hosted an online World Café event for project partners, focusing on reinforcing the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) sector across European societies. The event comprised four tables, each dedicated to exploring different facets of SSE’s significance. Table 1 addressed SSE’s role in reintegrating long-term unemployed individuals into the workforce, tackling vital social challenges. Table 2 shed light on SSE’s mission and the issues it addresses, aiming to enhance visibility for a brighter future. Table 3 tackled the need for skilled SSE professionals, aiming to foster capacity for sustainable growth. Finally, Table 4 focused on strategizing SSE’s market presence through innovative partnerships, unlocking economic opportunities. This event served as the first training and simulation session for facilitators, rooted in participative and deliberative democracy. It provided a unique opportunity for learning and exchanging ideas about methodology, conduction, and tools for the World Café technique. Stay tuned for highlights and key insights from this valuable event as we continue our journey of collaboration towards SSE excellence.