JETforCE Digital Challenge Mapping Tool

Date: 29.02.2024
Within the context of citizen engagement to support the just energy transition, the Interreg Central Europe JETforCE project partner has officially launched the JETforCE Challenges Mapping Tool/App for citizens engagement in the just energy transition.

Over the next months, the JETforCE Digital Challenge Mapping tool will be tested by stakeholders involved in the just energy transition as a part of the transnational project pilot.

In order to increase engagement with relevant stakeholders, the application was presented to the Transnational Just Energy Transition Alliance (T-JETA) and attendees of the 10th Annual Bautzen Energy Forum on 29 February 2024 in Knappenrode, Germany. With this new digital tool, JETforCE will make it easier for public authorities, young people, citizens, and other stakeholders to connect, share, and engage in social and environmental issues in meaningful and rewarding way.

The JETforCE Digital Challenge Mapping Tool was also recently presented at the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targeted learning event of the United Nations HLPF 2023 (slidesvideo).

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