Group picture in the Kick-off meeting in Leipzig

Innovations and Sustainability: Leipzig Public Transport Company’s Vision for Modern Public Transport

Date: 18.01.2024

Leipzig Public Transport Company (LVB), the lead partner in the Interreg CE4CE project, stands out as a pro-active force dedicated to innovative and impactful advancements in public transport. Their commitment to progress is evident across various domains, such as:

  • development of training programs: the organization’s forward-thinking approach is exemplified through the continuous development of training programs;
  • digitalization: through the transformation of ticket purchasing methods (eTicketing Strategy) and the renewal of their website to enhance user-friendliness, the organization is not only embracing technological advancements but also improving the overall customer experience;
  • electrification of bus fleet and improved services: LVB has taken substantial strides towards sustainability by increasing the number of electric buses in operation. With 38 electric buses now traversing the city’s lines, the organization is contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions. Simultaneously, the improvement of late-night services and the expansion of mobility services in specific regions (e.g., Flexa in the south-east of Leipzig) further solidify their commitment to comprehensive and accessible public transportation;
  • infrastructure development: the year 2023 marked a significant milestone for LVB as they invested in the renewal of infrastructure. With 7.5 kilometers of track renewed, 37 kilometers of traction current cable laid, and the construction of seven barrier-free stops, the organization is actively working towards creating a more efficient and accessible public transport network.

In addition to this, LVB places a strong emphasis on circularity within their company. Through initiatives like the Interreg CE4CE project, the organization aims to optimize local public transport services by integrating circular economy principles into procurement processes for services and infrastructure. LVB’s vision within the project is to modernize the condition assessment of infrastructure, utilizing technology to scan tracks and analyze data, showcases Leipzig Public Transport Company’s dedication to proactive maintenance and cost-effective repairs. The pilot action is based on a thorough assessment of circularity gaps at the company level and will be complemented by a local Action Plan to optimise delivery of light rail infrastructure through minimal invasive maintenance work based on data-analytics.

LVB has a broad experience in research projects on the topic of public transport innovation and optimisation. Through Interreg Central Europe projects such as LOW-CARB, EfficienCE and Dynaxability4CE, to mention only a few, the company has gained extensive knowledge and experience in topics such as sustainable urban mobility, open data, energy efficiency in public transport and optimisation of public transport services. This knowledge will provide an excellent basis in CE4CE for the lead partner LVB to create conditions for an improved public transport system that could become a role model in Central Europe. 

Photo: Mobilissimus