Innovation Centre W.E.I.Z Hosts Successful Launch Event of Challenge Mapping Tool for Energy Transition

Date: 24.04.2024
In a pivotal event on 22nd of April 2024 held at the Innovation Centre W.E.I.Z, stakeholders gathered both physically and virtually to witness the launch of the Challenge Mapping Tool in the Region of Weiz in Austria. Organised as part of the “JETforCE – Just Energy Transition for Central Europe” project, the event marked a significant milestone in leveraging digitalisation and engaging citizens to steer the energy transition.

Over the last year, the JETforCE consortium has worked diligently to develop and validate two innovative solutions aimed at digitally engaging citizens in energy transition policies. Recognising the urgent need for action in different regions, the project partners have united behind the mission to implement the energy transition in Central Europe while ensuring equitable outcomes for all.

At the heart of the initiative is JETforCE Challenge Mapping, a pioneering youth-led framework. Consisting of an app and linked database, which is powered by blockchain technology, this tool facilitates the reporting and evaluation of climate change initiatives and identifies potential negative impacts on vulnerable communities. Adapted and expanded for Central Europe, the Challenge Mapping platform promises to democratise participation in the energy transition.

A highlight of the event was the presence of VariCon’s Digital Ambassador Gerald Hutter, who guided participants through the platform’s functionalities. With a focus on key challenges such as energy service provision, energy poverty, citizen participation, equity, inequality and inter-institutional cooperation, the tool opens up avenues for citizen engagement on key issues.

The launch event showcased the numerous ways citizens can get involved, from raising awareness and participating in policymaking to exploring finance/investment opportunities, entrepreneurial activities and lifestyle changes. Participants, both online and in person, eagerly embraced the opportunity to be at the forefront of shaping the future of energy transition in the Weiz region.

At the end of the event, the organisers were optimistic about the transformative potential of the Challenge Mapping Tool and its ability to empower citizens to actively participate in driving sustainable change. With enthusiasm and determination, stakeholders pledged their commitment to advancing the cause of a just energy transition in Central Europe.

The successful launch event was a testament to the collaborative spirit and innovative solutions that are driving progress towards a more sustainable and equitable future.


Header Photo: Project presentation at the launch event by Andrea Dornhofer (©Harald Eisenberger)