GREENE 4.0 Transnational Peer Review Seminar and Project Meeting in Bergamo

Date: 29.03.2024

On 26th and 27th of March 2024, the GREENE 4.0 partners gathered in Bergamo for the project meeting and the Transnational Peer Review Seminar, hosted by partner Consorzio Intellimech.

As the coordinator of the Activity A.2.1 “Digital and Green Open Innovation Mapping”, partner Consorzio Intellimech organized the Transnational Peer Review Seminar to conclude the activities for preparing the working methodology and tools for realizing digital and green knowledge mapping process.

As part of this activity, partners presented the results of the Regional Workshops involving Key Innovation Partners to identify technology providers with concrete solutions to offer and gave the floor to various experts who gave feedback on the methodology.

Partners also discussed the early stages of the concept of the online platform, prepared by the lead partner, and its possible improvements.

On the second day, partners had a project meeting where the implementation of the project, management, monitoring, and next steps were explained in detail.

Partners also got the experience the vast walls of the Kilometro Rosso, the innovation district, and its laboratories LisaTech and JOiiNT LAB.