Greene 4.0 Co-Design Workshop

Date: 15.05.2024
Exciting developments are underway with the Greene 4.0 project team!

After engaging in 70 comprehensive interviews with various manufacturing company representatives, we’ve gained invaluable insights into their perspectives on digital and green solutions.

Through listening to their concerns, aspirations, and innovative ideas, we’re now poised to develop a User Acceptance Model. Last week, we began our three-day workshop facilitated by FH Kufstein Tirol – University of Applied Sciences!

Day 1 marked the commencement of our workshop, where we delved into the principles of Design Thinking, with a special emphasis on the empathize and define stages. The process allowed us to grasp the perspectives and requirements of manufacturing companies, laying a strong foundation for our journey ahead.

Building upon the insights gained on Day 1, we dedicated Day 2 to the ideate and prototype phases. Collaboratively, we identified crucial processes pivotal for companies aspiring towards digital and sustainable transformations. Through dynamic brainstorming sessions, we conceptualized innovative solutions and crafted initial prototypes, addressing key challenges identified earlier.

Day 3 witnessed a transnational exchange with fellow European projects, including SMART CIRCUIT, CIHUB, BeSoGreat, RISE, CIRCOTRONIC, and 3DoP. This collaborative synergy not only validated our prototypes but also enriched our collective understanding of the platform’s value proposition. The feedback received ensured the robustness of our solutions, aligning them effectively with industry needs.

The unified framework and strategies devised during this workshop empower us to effectively communicate our value proposition and drive substantial industrial transformation.

We extend our gratitude to all participants for joining us and invite you to stay tuned for further updates on our thrilling journey!