Sampling map

Field Work: Exploring Groundwater Interactions in the Varaždin Aquifer

Date: 14.12.2023

During the autumn season the team from the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering, University of Zagreb ventured to various locations along the Ormož to Bartolovec region, which is home to multiple piezometric wells under the ownership of the Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service and the VARKOM water supply operator. These wells serve as vital resources for monitoring and understanding the groundwater dynamics in the area.

The primary objective of the field work was to collect samples of groundwater. By doing so, the team aimed to assess the quality and characteristics of the water within the Varaždin aquifer. Additionally, they made sure to include surface water samples from the nearby river Drava to study the intricate relationship and potential interactions between groundwater and surface water.

By analyzing the collected groundwater and surface water samples, researchers will gain a deeper understanding of the quality and potential interactions between the two water sources.

This knowledge can inform measures to protect and sustainably manage the aquifer, ensuring the availability of clean and safe water for both current and future generations.