FH Kufstein Tirol Showcases GREENE 4.0 and B2GreenHub at the Bündnis Nachhaltige Hochschulen Network Meeting

Date: 19.06.2024
Selina-Maria Schiller of FH Kufstein Tirol recently had the opportunity to present the GREENE 4.0 project and the B2GreenHub initiative at an online network meeting hosted by the Bündnis Nachhaltige Hochschulen. This alliance, comprising 14 Universities of Applied Sciences in Austria, serves as an excellent platform for promoting sustainability-focused projects.

During the meeting, the mission and goals of GREENE 4.0 were highlighted, emphasizing its commitment to advancing sustainable practices. Additionally, the B2GreenHub initiative was showcased, drawing attention to its potential impact and importance in fostering green innovation.

The online network meeting provided a fantastic opportunity to engage with like-minded professionals. By sharing our vision for a sustainable future, we aim to inspire and collaborate with others in the academic and professional communities.