Exploring Nature-Based Solutions: Insights from the Partners Meeting in Warsaw

Date: 01.11.2023

On the 26th and 27th of October, GreenScape CE consortium partners converged in the vibrant city of Warsaw, Poland, one of the five pilot cities involved in our transformative project. The purpose? To breathe life into grey concrete spaces, creating thriving green areas that exemplify sustainability and innovation.


The first day of our gathering was dedicated to in-depth discussions on the various Work Packages and project deliverables. On the following day, our colleagues in Warsaw orchestrated a captivating site visit to The Green Outdoor Patio, a lush oasis nestled in the heart of Warsaw. This visit offered a tangible representation of the positive changes we aim to bring to urban environments.


The Partners Meeting was a valuable opportunity for all involved, replete with insights on sustainability, innovation, and transformation.

Our collaborative brainstorming session marked the commencement of the Partners Meeting. It was an occasion for partners to come together, including representatives from our pilot cities, to tackle the challenges associated with implementing sustainable solutions. The exchange of practices provided a deeper understanding of the hurdles we face in this journey. For instance, we explored how the creation of Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) and Green Infrastructure (GI) can occasionally lead to the reduction of parking spaces, causing concerns among local residents. This firsthand knowledge enriched our perspective, grounding our approach in the reality of urban sustainability.


Additionally, partners had the unique opportunity to witness real-world NBS examples within Warsaw’s city center. Representatives from Warsaw Municipality led the way, offering insights into the characteristics, costs, and potential benefits of these initiatives. Observing these practical implementations allowed our partners to envision how these concepts might be adapted and applied in their own urban contexts, reinforcing the emphasis on practicality.