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www.eurovelo13.com Copyright EuroVelo

EuroVelo 13: Certified Cultural Route of the Council of Europe since 2019

Date: 15.02.2024
In a testament to its cultural significance and historical importance, EuroVelo 13, also known as the Iron Curtain Trail, has been officially recognized as a Certified Cultural Route by the Council of Europe since 2019. This prestigious certification highlights the trail’s role in promoting cultural heritage, fostering dialogue, and connecting people across borders.


Council of Europe values 

»The Iron Curtain Trail is first and foremost a route that brings together European history, culture and landscape. Following the borders between neighbouring countries and regions, visitors experience the values of the Council of Europe first-hand in a reunited Europe. The route is a symbol of a newly shared pan-European experience, focussing on Europe’s democratic values and permanent intercultural dialogue across European borders.«


On the Iron Trail, you can pass 20 different countries as well as visit 14 nearby UNESCO heritage sites such as:

  • Lednice–Valtice Cultural Landscape
  • Lübeck and its old town
  • Early Christian Necropolis of Pécs
  • Wartburg Castle in Eisenach


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