Enhancing Urban Resilience in Košice City Through Climate Data Monitoring

Date: 09.11.2023

In an era marked by rapidly changing climate patterns, urban areas around the world are increasingly recognizing the need to adapt and build resilience. In response to this challenge, The Urban Climate Monitoring Pilot was designed to monitor climate data in the urban area of Košice in order to analyse trends and establish a baseline for developing adaptation measures to improve the lives of its inhabitants. The Košice City Urban Climate Monitoring Pilot`s primary goal is to gather and analyse climate data in urban environment. The comprehensive collection of climate data to be monitored will include parameters resulting from the discussions withing the Community Climate Mission in pilot area. High-tech sensors will be strategically placed throughout the city to ensure a detailed and accurate dataset. The collected data will be analysed and patterns, trends, and anomalies will be identified to gain insights into how climate change is affecting the urban environment. One of the key features of this project is its emphasis on involving citizens. Through awareness campaigns, citizens are educated about climate change and encouraged to take action and to foster a sense of shared responsibility. The Urban Climate Monitoring Pilot is an inspiring example of how community is taking the lead in combating climate change and enhancing the well-being of citizens.