Embracing Greene 4.0: A Workshop on Green and Digital Transformation in Eastern Saxony

Date: 28.06.2024
Greene 4.0 continues to champion the importance of green and digital transformation for businesses aiming to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing market.

Recently, the Bautzen Innovation Centre hosted a workshop for solution seekers from the Germany project region. This event was a key feature of the TEAM22 network meeting, which centered on mechanical engineering and metal processing in Eastern Saxony.

The workshop provided an excellent platform for companies to reconnect with the Greene 4.0 project and introduced them to the B2GreenHub platform. Participants received valuable insights into the extensive technological possibilities available within the green and digital landscape, emphasizing the necessity of staying ahead in the industry.

A reminder: the open call for those interested in joining B2GreenHub is still ongoing. Businesses are encouraged to take this opportunity to go green and integrate sustainable practices. Apply here.