Group photo of Kick Off Meeting held in Verona with all the partners

D4Pack: strategies, ideas, goals and next steps towards a new TTS on packaging

Date: 20.06.2024

D4Pack supports Central Europe agri-food SMEs in the transition towards next-generation and sustainable packaging solutions. The development of a new Technology Transfer Services (TTS) approach will help agri-food SMEs efficiently choose the most suitable packaging solution and conduct innovation risk self-diagnosis in the perspective of packaging reconfiguration.

This project involves eight partners from five different European countries who will be working together for two and half years.

Thanks to the cooperation among the partners, D4PACK will develop a decision-support system tool to help companies in assessing the impact of the adoption of new packaging in their production layout, taking into account technical, environmental, legal, economic and social aspects of such change.

On June 17th and 18th was held the Kick-off Meeting in Verona with all the partners. During these days we had the opportunity to discuss strategies, ideas, goals and next steps.

The agenda of this meeting was very rich of presentation. Key highlights of the meeting were:

  • Overview of the project: objective, outputs and expected results
  • Strategic Communication: activities and objectives
  • Monitoring Plan approval and Action plan development of the upcoming 6 months

Regular updates on the progress and milestones of the project will be shared on the D4Pack website and partners’ social media channels.