Date: 05.04.2024
By: ReBuilt
The two-day conference, organised within the framework of the ReBuilt project, served as a pivotal transnational event for assessing existing circular and digital construction practices in Central Europe, previously mapped by the ReBuilt partners, and for disseminating the ReBuilt project among key stakeholders in its first year. The event, held in Ljubljana, Slovenia and online on 13th March 2024, followed by activities in Maribor/Dogoše, Slovenia on 15th March 2024, provided a crucial opportunity to convene stakeholders, share knowledge and best practices, and foster collaboration towards circular and digital construction objectives. Intensive communication efforts ensured wide visibility of the conference, reaching diverse target groups.

With participants from eleven countries (SI, AT, HU, DE, IT, NM, CZ, SK, PL, GE, HR), the conference facilitated a rich exchange of knowledge and experiences, enhancing the collective understanding of circular and digital construction principles. The programme, featuring presentations, workshops, pitches, and site visit, significantly raised the profile of the ReBuilt project. Presentations covering topics such as mapping barriers and opportunities, developing educational programmes, and implementing circular solutions provided valuable insights into addressing challenges and driving innovation within the construction sector. Interactive group sessions during the conference offered a platform for stakeholders to engage, exchange views, and formulate recommendations for future project activities. The pitching sessions by entities involved in circular and digital construction highlighted innovative solutions and potential areas for collaboration, enriching discussions on best practices. A tour of the Reuse Centre in Maribor/Dogoše provided participants with a firsthand experience of circular construction principles in action, underscoring the importance of resource efficiency and effective waste management in the built environment.

Key recommendations arising from the conference discussions included:

  • Establishing mechanisms within the ReBuilt project to foster the development and exchange of new knowledge and skills for the effective adoption, implementation, and dissemination of circular and digital building practices in Central Europe.
  • Encouraging governments in Central Europe to share experiences and information about legislation and policies on circular and digital construction, with a focus on monitoring and improving their impacts. This includes developing recommendations and guidelines to promote circular building practices and foster innovation in the built environment. The ReBuilt project plays a vital role in facilitating collaboration across different levels of government in the Central Europe region.
  • Promoting the integration of digital technologies and innovative solutions throughout the construction value chain to enhance efficiency, transparency, and resilience.

By implementing these recommendations from the 1st Transnational Conference, the ReBuilt project consortium aims to drive positive change and significantly contribute to advancing towards a more circular, digital, and resilient construction sector in Central Europe and beyond.