A man in an orange hi vis vest and white hardhat and a woman in a yellow hi vis vest and blue hardhat, holding a laptop and pointing to numerous large wind turbines in the distance.

Challenges Mapping Tool presented at UN STI Forum 2024 Side Event

Date: 15.05.2024
By: JETforCE

The JETforCE project partner IAAI hosted a hybrid event titled “Citizen Science & Web3 Technology Enabled Governance Innovation: Challenges Mapping and Local Pacts for the Future” on May 8, 2024. This side event, part of the UN STI Forum 2024 and the UN Civil Society Conference 2024, highlighted innovative approaches to governance and sustainable development.

The event showcased various programs and tools, such as the Challenges Mapping methodology and Web3 Technology enabled Local Pacts for the Future. These initiatives illustrate how science, technology, and innovation can drive progress towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate action, and multilevel multi-stakeholder governance.

Developed by the UN-accredited civil society organization IAAI and its partners, these solutions are part of the GloCha Global Challenges Action Empowerment partnership within the EU INTERREG project JETforCE. They also align with preparations for the upcoming UN Summit of the Future 2024.

A significant highlight was the collaboration with the UN Environment Early Warning and Data Analytics branch, based in Nairobi, Kenya. The branch expressed its readiness to sign a Memorandum of Understanding with IAAI GloCha. This partnership will focus on citizen science-based data collection on environmental challenges and support the One Map initiative of the UN system’s Geospatial Information Network.

For more details, visit GloCha’s website. Additionally, a video of the event is available on UN WebTV.