Building Resilience: Brač Island’s Effort to Tackle Climate-Induced Water Scarcity

Date: 08.12.2023
The existing water supply system on Brač, managed by the Vodovod Brač public company through 24 reservoirs and 14 pumping stations, faces a critical hurdle with its outdated metering equipment, which has been in service for nearly two decades and is increasingly unreliable. This challenge results in substantial water losses during distribution, coupled with the inability to display real-time flow data, exacerbating the island’s vulnerability to climate-induced water scarcity. To address this urgent concern, a MISSION CE CLIMATE pilot project is set to transform Brač’s water infrastructure. The initiative involves replacing obsolete turbine water meters with cutting-edge magnetic-inductive water meters. Beyond providing digital consumption pulses, these advanced meters offer real-time flow information, ensuring a more accurate and responsive monitoring system. Central to the project’s objectives is the comprehensive reconstruction of the island’s water supply network. This strategic move aims to directly mitigate significant losses, enhancing the efficiency of the distribution system and establishing a robust defence against the challenges posed by climate change-induced water scarcity. Leading the charge in this transformative initiative is Split-Dalmatia County (SDC), with crucial technical support provided by the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar (EIHP). Brač Island’s effort to future-proof its water supply system underscores a commitment to building community resilience, harnessing technological innovation, and preparing for the challenges posed by climate change.