Transnational Mobility MIssion between HUngary and Austria

In Person
Location: Eisenstadt, Austria
Date: 21.11.2023

Pannon Business Network  embarked on a remarkable Transnational Mobility Mission on November 21, 2023, at Informatikum, Eisenstadt. This event, provided a platform for exploring the exciting possibilities offered by eye-tracking glass technology and its applications in the textile industry.

A Deep Dive into Eye-Tracking Glass Technology

The event kicked off with an insightful presentation by Thomas Kremsner (Forschung Burgenland), shedding light on emotional analysis and eye-tracing solutions. Participants had the opportunity to delve into the potential of this technology, including its data extraction capabilities, heat maps, and results analysis. Engaging exercises further illustrated the power of this innovative solution.

From Theory to Practice

The second half of the event was a hands-on experience. Participants familiarized themselves with the operation of the solution, gaining practical insights. An exciting highlight was a university student who used the technology to test an advertisement for a training clothing start-up as part of his thesis. Forschung Burgenland also showcased other best practices in the textile industry.

Key Takeaways

Comprehensive Understanding: Participants learned how to use the solution effectively, from accessories and installation to interpreting results.

Versatile Application: The eye-tracking glasses also offer an excellent option for analyzing prototypes, opening up new possibilities for testing in the textile industry.

Cross-Sector Potential: In cross-sectoral applications, the technology demonstrated higher-level results in testing individual health industry prototypes compared to traditional questionnaires.