The Regional workshops for mapping of barriers and opportunities for circular and digital construction_ITALY

Location: Italy
Date: 05.03.2024
By: ReBuilt
In their recent workshop they delved into crucial aspects of sustainable practices and circular economy in the building industry. Throughout the event, they aimed to update stakeholders on the current legislative landscape and its existing gaps (eg. lack of rules to promote reuse of material in new ways), shedding light on areas that require attention and improvement. Exploring new approaches to enhance circularity emerged as a key theme, emphasising innovative strategies to minimise waste and maximise resource efficiency. They also tackled the transformative power of digitalization in building trust within the realm of secondary raw materials. The integration of digital platforms and marketplaces has become a pivotal factor in streamlining processes, fostering transparency, and ultimately promoting the increased reuse of materials. Additionally, their discussions extended to the adoption of new technologies for recycling on construction sites. This exploration aimed to showcase advancements that can reshape and revolutionise our approach to waste management and sustainability within the industry.