Slovenian Environmental Agency hosted stakeholder discussion on agricultural adaptation

Location: Slovenia
Date: 12.06.2024
By: Clim4Cast

The variability of weather and climate and the modern way of farming require accurate, reliable and locally specific data to help implement effective agricultural measures. The meteorological data (weather and climate) that we record is important for reducing the vulnerability of agriculture to extreme events and for its adaptation to climate change.

Cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary cooperation and the strengthening of mutual assistance between stakeholders and institutions at national and local level are crucial for successful emergency management. To promote this collaboration, Slovenian Environmental Agency organized an open event workshop titled “Using Meteorological Data for Adaptation of Agriculture to Climate Change” on June 12 in Bela Krajina (South East Slovenia).

Together with stakeholders, we discussed trends and future changes in meteorological conditions and introduced them to the use of agrometeorological data available through the ARSO websites. The interactive discussion gave valuable insights into the usability of the data, suggestions for improvements, and practical examples of responses to extreme weather events. The conclusions from the discussion are crucial for continuation of the work on the project, especially in shaping and developing an Action Plan.