Facing challenges of Sustainable Short Food Supply Chains at the Logistics Congress

In Person
Location: Slovenia
Date: 27.03.2024 - 29.03.2024

Food4CE, a project focused on improving short food supply chains in Central Europe, will be presenting its latest findings at the upcoming 11th International Logistics Congress in Portoro┼ż, Slovenia. The congress, taking place from March 27th to 29th, will bring together over 2000 logistics professionals to discuss regional presence that affects efficiency of supply chains.

This year’s edition focuses on harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for logistics optimization, streamlining production through Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), and exploring the practicalities of leveraging clean electricity in the sector. In this regard, Food4CE will be showcased by University of Maribor, who will present its approach to addressing these trends within the specific context of Short food supply chains (SFSC).

Beyond highlighting their findings on the distinctive needs and challenges faced by SFSCs, the concepts of innovative Matchmaking and Knowledge Transfer Platform tools developed in the scope of the project will be presented. These platforms will serve as a central hub for fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among diverse stakeholders within the SFSC ecosystem. From farmers and producers to logistics providers and consumers, the platforms aim to accelerate knowledge sharing and innovation, ultimately aligning the way towards more efficient, collaborative and sustainable food supply chains.

The congress is expected to attract a large number of attendees from across the region, making it a valuable platform for promoting the project’s work.