Eurpean Hydrogen Week

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: 18.11.2024 - 22.11.2024
By: H2CE
Building on the achievements of European Hydrogen Week 2024, Hydrogen Europe, the European Commission, and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership are collaborating to bring together the entire hydrogen sector for a week-long event filled with conferences, exhibitions, and exceptional networking opportunities.

The conference will feature panels with leading stakeholders in the hydrogen industry, addressing critical issues such as the urgency and practicality required in developing regulatory frameworks, the specific challenges different sectors encounter in decarbonization and the role of hydrogen in overcoming these challenges, and strategies for maintaining leadership in a rapidly growing global industry.

In the exhibition hall, attendees will have the opportunity to explore the latest advancements in electrolyser and fuel cell technologies, as well as experience and test hydrogen-powered trucks, buses, and cars firsthand.