Clusters meet Regions

In Person
Location: Poland
Date: 11.12.2023 - 12.12.2023
By: Other

The Cluster meet Regions explores how regional development agencies, clusters and other actors could foster stronger collaboration in the implementation of regional and national economic development policies. The specific aim of the event is to foster wider uptake and development of aerospace technologies in regions, smart city concepts, life sciences clusters and increased use of funding opportunities in Poland.

Interreg CENTRAL EUROPE has been continuously supporting innovation in central Europe and in this workshop, we will present our upcoming funding opportunities.

EU regions need to be able to compete with other more advanced and emerging economies in the fast changing economic and social environment, in particular in the post-Covid-19 recovery period. Location matters particularly for clusters. They develop more easily in urban and regional ecosystems with a favourable administrative and regulatory environment and access to skilled labour, markets, financial and business support services.

What really matters is the involvement of clusters in regional economic governance, in policy design and implementation at regional level.

13 regional workshops have already been organised in the EU regions. These workshops brought together clusters and policymakers of the EU, national, regional and local level to learn from each other on how to better use clusters to strengthen industrial ecosystems, serve national/regional economic development and liaise with other regions with similar transition challenges.

The event is organised by the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), on behalf of the European Commission (EC), in partnership with the Regional Development Agency of Malopolska (MARR) and the European Association of Development Agencies (EURADA) .