1st Regional stakeholder ecosystem engagement meeting in Poland

In Person
Location: Dobczyce, Poland
Date: 28.11.2023
On November 28, 2023, KPT held its inaugural regional town hall in Dobczyce, hosted at the Fire Education Center. The event was organized in response to an invitation from the Mayor of the Municipality and City of Dobczyce and the Business Council. The gathering saw the participation of 13 individuals, including key representatives from the local administration and entrepreneurial community. The primary aim of the town hall was to introduce and discuss the Smart Circuit project, fostering engagement among local entrepreneurs and encouraging their active involvement in upcoming project activities.

The event featured comprehensive presentations on the Smart Circuit project’s idea and concept, alongside the initial proposal for establishing a Circular Innovation Academy. Additionally, the meeting facilitated discussions on the region’s potential, its strengths, and challenges, laying the groundwork for future strategic initiatives.


  1. Increased Awareness: The town hall successfully introduced the Smart Circuit project’s concept to local stakeholders, raising awareness and understanding among entrepreneurs and administration representatives.
  2. Stakeholder Engagement: By bringing together representatives from both the administration and the business sector, the event promoted meaningful discussions and fostered stronger engagement among key stakeholders in the regional development process.
  3. Encouraged Participation: The presentations highlighted collaboration opportunities within the Smart Circuit project, motivating entrepreneurs to actively participate in forthcoming activities.
  4. Conceptualization of Circular Innovation Academy: The event showcased the initial concept for a Circular Innovation Academy, setting the stage for its further development. This academy aims to become a pivotal resource for promoting circular economy practices in the region.
  5. Identification of Regional Potential and Challenges: Through insightful discussions, participants identified the region’s strengths and weaknesses, providing a clearer understanding of the local economy’s opportunities and challenges. This knowledge is crucial for guiding future project activities and strategic planning.

Post-meeting, a notable development was the keen interest expressed by an entrepreneur in advancing green technology within their factory. In response, a follow-up meeting was scheduled with representatives from hub4industry and the Smart Circuit project to explore specific green technology implementation strategies. This entrepreneur also engaged actively in the project by completing the survey for Work Package 3 (WP3) and participating in a workshop organized by our Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) on securing financing for digital and green technology initiatives.

Ongoing communication with the company is being maintained to provide continuous support and guidance as they integrate green technology into their operations. This follow-up action underscores the town hall’s success in fostering meaningful engagement and laying the foundation for collaborative regional development initiatives.

The first regional town hall in Dobczyce marked a significant milestone for KPT, effectively introducing the Smart Circuit project to local stakeholders, fostering engagement, and identifying key areas for development. The event not only facilitated valuable discussions but also initiated concrete steps towards advancing green technology and circular economy practices in the region. The continued support and collaboration with local entrepreneurs and administration representatives will be crucial in driving the project’s success and realizing its objectives.