1st Regional stakeholder ecosystem engagement meeting in Czechia

In Person
Location: Brno, Czechia
Date: 05.03.2024
In Brno, Czechia, stakeholders and industry leaders convened on March 5th, 2024, for a pivotal Town Hall meeting focused on advancing circular industries and sustainability practices. Hosted as part of the Regional Stakeholders Forums, the event was a collaborative effort involving several prominent partners from the Smart Circuit project.

The Town Hall, titled “Sharing of Experiences,” provided a platform for manufacturing companies and professional actors to exchange insights and best practices on circular issues. Discussions ranged from strategies to reduce energy consumption and waste, to innovative approaches like using recycled materials and sustainable product design principles.


Key outcomes from the meeting included identifying critical needs and ideas for supporting companies in implementing circular solutions. Participants highlighted successful initiatives such as energy-saving technologies, localized supply chains, and educational workshops aimed at promoting sustainability within organizations.