1st Regional stakeholder ecosystem engagement meeting in Austria

In Person
Location: Eisenstadt, Austria
Date: 12.03.2024
TechLab Eisenstadt hosted a pivotal event today, the SMART CIRCUIT Town Hall, as part of the 19th Meeting of Platform Internationalization Burgenland. This gathering, meticulously planned to foster collaboration among stakeholders in the triple-helix framework, saw representatives from across Western Hungary and Burgenland converge to explore synergies and chart a path towards shared innovation goals.

The event opened with organizers setting the stage for a day centered around knowledge sharing and future project alignment. Key presentations by industry leaders such as MIND Consult & Research (MCR), Pannon Business Network (PBN), FOTEC, FH CAMPUS 02 (CAM), and MAC My Academy (MAC) illuminated ongoing initiatives and strategic visions aimed at driving regional development through technology and innovation.

Discussions gravitated towards pressing topics including advanced manufacturing, digitalization in senior care, smart materials, and sustainable energy solutions. Stakeholders engaged in lively exchanges, identifying common interests and potential avenues for collaboration across various EU programs and regional initiatives.

“The Town Hall served as a vital platform for stakeholders to connect, exchange ideas, and explore future partnerships,” remarked a spokesperson from TechLab Eisenstadt. “We witnessed fruitful dialogues that could pave the way for impactful projects in areas like energy efficiency, climate adaptation, and circular economy practices.”

Notable outcomes included the alignment of projects like the Interreg Austria-Slovenia STEM Academy and the Austria-Hungary Talent School, showcasing the event’s immediate impact on project synergies and knowledge transfer.

Looking ahead, organizers expressed ambitions to broaden participation in future Town Hall events, inviting stakeholders from neighboring countries such as Italy, Hungary, and Slovenia. This expansion aims to enrich collaboration opportunities and bolster Burgenland’s position as a hub for innovation and sustainable development.