1st Regional stakeholder ecosystem engagement meeting by microTEC Südwest e.V. in Germany

In Person
Location: Freiburg, Germany
Date: 13.03.2024
On March 13, 2024, the Technical University of Freiburg hosted the SMART CIRCUIT Town Hall, a pivotal gathering aimed at advancing Central Europe’s manufacturing sector through sustainable digital innovation. The event spotlighted initiatives crucial to fostering a greener and more competitive future for the region.

The town hall featured the inaugural presentation of the Smart Circuit Project and the Circular Innovation Academy, initiatives designed to catalyze innovation in digital circular economy practices. Participants were treated to insightful presentations from key industry leaders highlighting the transformative potential of enhanced material sorting and tracking technologies.

Jochen Moesslein of Polysecure GmbH emphasized the role of improved sorting and tracking systems in promoting a more circular economy. His presentation underscored Polysecure’s commitment to revolutionizing material management practices across industries.

Dr. Sven Spieth from Hahn-Schickard/EDIH Südwest showcased consultancy and technology services pivotal for driving digital transformation within the region’s manufacturing landscape, highlighting the EDIH Südwest’s pivotal role. Christoph Hönig of mondas GmbH contributed valuable insights into data analysis for networked technical systems, illustrating critical advancements in data-driven decision-making processes.

The town hall also facilitated a productive exchange among participants, featuring roundtable discussions on current achievements, future expectations, and actionable insights for advancing circular economy goals. Key decisions and follow-up actions were outlined to ensure sustained momentum and collaboration among stakeholders.


Looking ahead, the town hall laid the groundwork for ongoing dialogue and collaboration on topics ranging from enhanced material lifecycle management to the integration of smart technologies in manufacturing processes.