1st Regional stakeholder ecosystem engagement meeting by COMET Scrl in Italy

Location: Pordenone, Italy
Date: 29.04.2024
The Polo Tecnologico Alto Adriatico “Andrea Galvani” hosted a pivotal hybrid townhall meeting today, marking the inaugural gathering dedicated to the SMART CIRCUIT project. Focused on advancing digital innovation hubs across central Europe, the event emphasized bolstering the region’s manufacturing ecosystem towards a greener and more competitive future.

The assembly commenced with an overview of the SMART CIRCUIT initiative, highlighting its profound impact on the local landscape and its significance to institutional shareholders. Attendees were briefed on initial project outcomes, with a particular emphasis on collaborative efforts with local companies and policymakers. Key achievements and activities stemming from engagements with 60 regional enterprises underscored the project’s proactive approach to fostering a circular economy.

A critical segment of the meeting delved into the challenges and needs identified by participating companies, offering insights gleaned from extensive surveys. Policymakers, too, contributed to the discourse, reflecting on strategic findings that informed subsequent policy directions.

The introduction of the Circular Innovation Academy (CIA) sparked enthusiasm among participants, with a resounding call to action for shareholders to deepen their involvement as CivES members. Representatives from COMET enthusiastically presented opportunities for future engagement, extending invitations to join the CIA and recruit additional stakeholders.

Looking ahead, the townhall concluded with decisive steps for follow-up actions. Prospective topics for upcoming exchanges were outlined, focusing on SMEs eager to navigate their transformation through a circular and digital lens. A preliminary list of companies poised to participate in specialized sessions aimed at imparting practical tools and methodologies was circulated, setting the stage for continued collaboration.

In closing, participants were encouraged to express their interest in further CIA involvement, reinforcing the event’s commitment to sustained partnership and innovation.

This townhall not only affirmed Pordenone’s pivotal role in advancing sustainable digital innovations but also set a precedent for collaborative regional development.