The Eurasian lynx is a highly endangered species, protected under national laws and the EU Habitat Directive. The main threats for lynx survival are illegal killing, happening due to lack of acceptance by key stakeholders and habitat fragmentation hindering migration. In addition, non-harmonised (national) monitoring and management hamper a coordinated approach. The challenge is to integrate lynx monitoring, conservation and management into a common strategy on transnational level.

The project will do so, by improving lynx conservation capacities of responsible stakeholders through experience, data and tool sharing and by implementing a harmonised lynx monitoring at population level. The project will also be an instrument to achieve active involvement of key stakeholders, namely hunters and foresters, into lynx conservation issues.

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 Lynx Monitoring Methods
Transnational toolbox for population-level lynx monitoring is brief summary of four monitoring methods most commonly used in Central Europe. Advantages and limitations of these methods are reviewed.
 Legal Framework for Lynx
This useful document reviews lynx status under national and international nature conservation law.
Conflict reduction
Collection of state-of-the-art participatory approaches for conflict reduction and stakeholder involvement.
Lynx monitoring approaches
Compendium of existing approaches for lynx monitoring from other sources
Lynx monitoring report

Lynx monitoring report of BBA population for Lynx year 2017 (1.5.2017 - 30.4.2018)

Infrastructure for lynx conservation

Aligned support environment for long-lasting transnational cooperation in lynx conservation

Vet Handbook and Husbandry Guidelines

Health, Husbandry and Management of Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx)

Overview of Good Practices on Eurasian Lynx Monitoring and Conservation










Project duration

Start Date

1. 7. 2017

End Date

30. 9. 2020

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Latest event: International Lynx Day 2020, Lynx Exhibition Prague

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