conference room alpbionet 2030 bolzano

Human-nature interactions conference

26 - 27th of November

Interreg project ALPBIONET 2030 organized an international conference »Human-Nature interactions and conflict management in mountain environment«.

3Lynx steering committee photo Linz 2018

Project meeting in Linz

5 - 6th of November

Biannual project steering committee meeting was held in Linz on 5. – 6.11.2018. We discussed project progress and upcoming events  

Tereza Minarikova

Interview: Camera traps help to detect rare species

6th of November

New observation of European wildcat, camera traps and rare large carnivores are topics of new interview with Tereza Minarikova in english broadcasted Radio Praha.

3Lynx project poster

3Lynx introduced in Brussels

8th of November

3Lynx was introduced at European week of regions and cities that took place in Brussels.

Wild cat in Cesky les

European wildcat spotted in Cesky Les in Czech

22th of November

On 4th of June 3Lynx camera trapp took picture of european wildcat in Cesky Les, Czech republic.

Monitoring and conservation conference Uhlikov

Opening conference about lynx monitoring and conservation

6th of June

Lynx experts and stakeholders met in Uhlíkov, Záhvozdí.


Lynx distribution in the Alps and northern Dinaric Mountains

25th of May

Experts from eight countries assembled lynx distribution in Alps.


First stakeholder visit

14 -18th of May 2018

Slovenian stakeholders viseted foresters and environmentalists in National park Šumava, Bavarian Forest and Austria.

Lynx year 2018

Lynx year 2018 begins in Czech

1th of May 2018

1th of May is first day in lynx calendar. This helps us to asses population changes.

Luchse im Steinwald

Two young lynx in Steinwald in German

4th of May 2018

Two lynx were released to strengthtend Bavaria population.


CZ EVENT- What does camera traps shows to us?

27th of March 2018

Return of the wolf in Bohmerwald  in English 

Vlk se vrací do šumavských hvozdů in Czech

5th of March 2018

3Lynx camera trapps captured return of the wolf.


Kick-off event in Sedlice

25th of January 2018

First meeting with stakeholders in Czech Republic.


Jiskra the lynx - succesful mother

10th of September 2017

The lynx Jiskra was born in 2014 near Prachatice and is repeatedly observe since. Look, what is new...

Martin Strnad

Report about the 3Lynx project in Czech Television in Czech

7th of September 2017

Tereza Mináriková and Martin Strnad talked about lynx, 3Lynx and camera trapping.                                                      

Tereza Minarikova

Interview about the 3Lynx project at Radio Prague  in English

31th of July 2017 

Interview with Tereza Mináriková from ALKA Wildlife.

Kick off meeting

Kick-off meeting

18th - 19th of July 2017

First meeting of project partners. We started in Prague.