When compared to larger urban centres, mid-size cities are generally less successful in attracting high value-added, creative activities, innovative services and young talents. Economies of scale are only part of the reason. An outdated attitude towards funding and commercialising cultural and creative activities is another reason as well as a weak recognition of the creative potential of heritage and poor entrepreneurial skills of culture and creative industry (CCI) actors.

The STIMULART partner cities have a shared interest in enhancing CCI through a transformation of organisational and financing frameworks. They also plan to exploit unexposed human and institutional capital, vacant urban infrastructure, and an obvious (but commercially often neglected) source of creativity: local culture.

The project will combine macro- and micro-level interventions in a cohesive system. CCI actors will be trained to adapt to a changing framework while industry requirements are fed back into policy development. The project will build the capacity of CCI stakeholders in the participating cities with transnationally tested, universal tools and methods. These will then be made available in a comprehensive CCI repository. A transnational strategy and action plans will be tested in pilot actions that include: a CCI mentoring system; a creative mechanism utilising vacant spaces; IT-based CCI networking; a fast-prototyping & user-testing facility; and a dedicated CCI Marketplace. 

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