Stimulart Award is a competition for creative people organized by the five Stimulart cities in each year of project duration.
The focus group and the topic of the competitions vary every year at each location. According to the Stmulart Award manual the first call addresses teens with creative objects linked to their city's identity, the second urges creatives to produce artistic pieces, while the third call focuses on creative services (the order of calls is optional for the partner cities).
Each Stimulart city will have three champions at the end of the project and the partnership will vote for the ultimate Stimulart Award winner from the pool of local champions.
Due to Covid19 restrictions Stimulart Award has some delays at the partners. 

1st Stimulart Award local champion from Jászberény (HU) - May 2020
The first local champion is Sára Jázmin Nagy, 17 years of age, a student at Lehel Vezér Secondary Grammar School.
The first call in Jászberény targeted the teens asking them to produce a creative piece which fits in one's hand and can be associated with the city. The youngsters could use any technique and materials possibly in combination. Sára, the winner produced a room decoration, using a special tech of FELTING (dry, using a needle) with traditional local patterns of the Jászság. Handing over the award to her was postponed due to the Covid19 restrictions but was already possible on the 19th of May in the Townhall of Jászberény.


1st Stimulart Award local champion from Naumburg (DE) - July 2020

On 13 July 2020, the Naumburg team announced its winner of the 1st STIMULART Award.
It is the baker's family Block, who runs a cake shop in Naumburg. They took part in the competition with a special creative product: the Naumburg stollen.

This stollen was first mentioned in a document back in 1329, even if today it tastes a bit different than 700 years ago. It contains sweet cherriesinstead of raisins, because cherries are closely connected to an old Naumburg saga

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1st Stimulart Award local champion from AMBERG (DE) - Nov 2020

 "Time capsule - a message for the 21st century"

The Mayor of Amberg, Michael Cerny, officially announced the winners on 4th November, and congratulated them for their creativity in connecting their work to the cultural and industrial heritage of the city. Michael Cerny also highlighted the importance of CCI for the city life and economy and reassessed his interest and support in the next phases of the StimulART project. Due to Coronavirus restrictions on public events, the award ceremony needed to be held online rather than as an in person event.

1st Place, Marion Mack, artist, for her project “Homeland/Frozen in Time” (Orig: Heimat/Frozen in Time)
The winner is a decorative object made out of glass, salt and iron - all three being defining traits of Amberg’s cultural and industrial heritage. Back in the Middle Ages, iron ore was exported to Bad Reichenhall in Souteast Germany via river ways. On the way back, boats were loaded with salt, which was then traded from Amberg. Later on, Amberg and the region shone with the Philip Rosenthal glassworks, which would also be used in the “Glass Cathedral” by Walter Gropius.

This combination of glass, salt and iron produces unexpected results. The artist Marion Mack explains: “Substances combined with heated glass usually change their shape and color in unexpected ways. Salt transforms in gas and then crystallizes until the glass mass solidifies: Frozen in Time. The iron pins in the glass behave very differently. These float unaffected by the high temperatures in the hot glass mass until they solidify with the glass: Frozen in Time”.


1st Stimulart Award local champion from KAMNIK (SLO) - “My city in my hand”

In the spring of 2020, the Municipality of Kamnik carried out the activity "Competition for the best product under the slogan “My city in my hand” within the STIMULART project. The purpose was to prepare a competition for innovative products which transform local heritage into creative and sustainable CCI products. To the competition, we have invited the local high school CIRIUS Kamnik (Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of Physically Handicapped Children and Adolescents). We received many different products, which were made from clay, glass, metal remains, paper, wood chips and leather and were presenting the essence (image, historical fact, legend, folk tale, etc.) of the city of Kamnik.

On 26th June 2020, the commission of four members has chosen the top 10 products and than the best product among them. The first local winner is Clara Domjanić, 16 years old, who, through a prefabricated statue made of metal remains, presented a Plečnik's arcades, which have been made by successful Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik. The award ceremony was postponed due to the epidemiological situation.

The mayor of Kamnik, Matej Slapar, officially announced the winner on 17th June 2021 in an event, organized by CIRIUS Kamnik on which they had the opening of new premises and the gallery. He sincerely thanked them for their cooperation and emphasized the importanace of their work and contribution to the municipality.

2st Stimulart Award local champion from Jászberény (HU) - May 2021

The winner(s) of the 2nd STIMULART Award (with the topic of: My Creative Product) of Jászberény was announced on 28 May, at the opening of the POP-UP store.

The STIMULART awarded winner(s) are:

-              Boglárka Bíró, creates ceramic design objects / sculptures,

-              Ildikó Jakusné Farkas – potter,

-              Melinda Tőzsér artisan, husks, and bulrush object maker,

-              Gábor Koncz painter, graphic designer

whose products are presented at the POP-UP store.

The POP-UP store will be operated for a temporary period – for 5 weeks from the 28th of May. Afterwards, the Creative store – called RoomLi - will take its place and will be officially launched as the pilot project of Jászberény within the STIMULART project. RoomLi will officially open its door in September 2021. RoomLi will present custom products of Jászság artists, which can be purchased directly from the creators.

As a Creative shop, exhibition, and community place of Jászság artists, Roomli’s primary mission is to ensure the visibility of creative products created in the city and its region and to help creative products and services reach the market. Therefore, it contributes to creating new and exciting opportunities for creative artists and businesses of the Jászság creative community.

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2nd Stimulart Award local champion from KAMNIK (SLO) - “Time capsule – a message for the 21st century

In the spring of 2021, the Municipality of Kamnik carried out the activity “Competition for the best product under the slogan Time capsule – a message for the 21st century” within the StimulArt project. It was intended for small businesses and individuals from 17-100 years old. The purpose was to prepare a competition for innovative CCI products which are functional or represent a household decoration and are based on the local heritage and/or industrial heritage and meets the market/costumers’ demands in the 21st century.

The competition was finished at the 31st March, until than we recieved 17 products from 8 different creatives. All the products are somehow connected with a history of Kamnik. You can see them in „online exhibition” (with descriptions in Slovenian language).

Based on the four criteria and on decision of commission are the 2nd StimulArt award local winners  Klemen Urbanija and Janja Stopinšek, who have presented themselves with a handmade leather bag. The bag is made of leather tanned with chestnut tannins. Both, leather and wood were important materials in Kamnik’s past. The bag is made entirely by hand – cut, perforated and sewn with a saddle stitch that prevents tearing. This method of manufacture is very rare, but allows the product to serve it’s purpose for a long time.

Klemen and Janja are a couple who have been creating interesting products for many years, mainly from wood and leather. Their products have recently started to reach higher level and reperotire, most of them carry the Art & Craft Slovenia certificate. In addition to leather and wood, they also make shamanic drums, rocket stoves, yurts, chairs and participate in the organization of various camps for children.

The mayor of Kamnik, Matej Slapar, officially announced the winners on 24th May, and sincerely thanked them for their cooperation and emphasized the importnace of raising awareness of preserving the Slovenian tradition and handicrafts.