LOW-CARB is a transnational project in Central Europe increasing the planning capacities of organisations and city governments to transition to low-carbon mobility and transportation. It is tackling burning issues of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning such as integrating low-carbon mobility measures for users, creating institutional cooperation and fostering joint financing, as well as facilitating Functional Urban Areas with creating action plans that make low-carbon transit and travel a reality. 


LOW-CARB will reduce CO2 emissions by almost 60 000 tons by 2020 in the Central European Region! Strategies, action plans, tools and innovative pilot actions will reflect the main challenges and new trends of clean mass public transport. Such themes include open data-based mobility planning, integrated mobility platforms and implementation of new low-carbon technologies.

Project Activities

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LOW-CARB Local Webinar (in Czech)

27 October 2020, 10:00 - 12:40

This webinar and succeeding workshop provides good practice and knowledge transfer in sustainable urban mobility planning.  A large part of LOW-CARB's vision is to spread our strategies, tools, and innovations across central Europe. To make our knowledge more accessible, we have translated many of our resources into key central European languages.
In the same approach, we will hold this webinar in the Czech language.

The session and succeeding workshop will provide good practice and knowledge transfer jointly with CIVINET Czech and Slovak Republics, Transport Research Center, and the town of Litoměřice.

The 2.5 hour program includes

  • mobility planning tools from the LOW-CARB project,
  • mobility and energy management measures in the town of Litoměřice
  • mobility and institutional plans in Czechia, and after a break,
  • an interactive workshop on preparing SUMPs for the scope of smaller cities and towns: identification of site-effective measures for small sustainable mobility plans.
    • Linking appropriate measures to strategic objectives 
    • The importance of strategic and specific participation 
    • Tools for choosing topics for effective measures (qualitative, quantitative)
    • Evaluation and elaboration of measures - methodology and transfer of good practice

The webinar is intended for representatives of cities, heads of transport and development departments, as well as urban mobility coordinators and planners. The event will also include the possibility of networking between cities and involvement with CIVINET cities, which are actively involved in sustainable mobility.


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Life After LOW-CARB: Final Conference

25 November 09:00 - 13:00

Leapfrog your way to a low carbon future by joining us at our all-informative final event on November 25th! 
LOW-CARB will present its major outputs and public resources including: tools, lessons learned, and pilot implemented over the past 3 years as an Interreg Central European project!

About the project:

LOW-CARB is a transnational project in Central Europe increasing the planning capacities of organisations and city governments to transition to low-carbon mobility. Its tackles burning issues of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning by introducing several new LOW CARBon pilot measures across Central Europe.

What the conference offers

  1.  Planning strategies, monitoring and evaluation tools, and action plans that were developed in the pilot actions, and thereafter specially adapted for wider audiences to use in their regions' transport and mobility contexts.
  2. A "bar camp" to discuss a range of topics from transferability of tools... to governance of functional urban areas and corporate mobility management... AND the opportunity to raise your own topics.
  3.  A panel discussion where experts give their outlook on Sustainable urban mobility planning in Central Europe’s functional urban areas after all that LOW-CARB has brought to the transition. 

The final conference will present the project’s innovations to empower others to join us in the transition to low-carbon cities. The conference agenda will be formalized and published here in due time. 


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Making it Count

Discover more about the LOW-CARB project with this pint-sized flyer entitled 'MAKING IT COUNT.' 

Dec. 2017: The ‘LOW-CARB’ Declaration represents a voluntary statement to embrace the project's objectives. Learn more via the 'Hall of Fame' here, and via our first press release here.

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